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Are you curious about what Living an Inspired Life might look like?
Are you ready to learn more about yourself and dig deep to find your brilliance?  Do you feel stuck and not sure where you are going?

Catch a glimmer of what a
Living Your Inspired Life Retreat
can do for you

Susan and Olga have put together a 1-hour Zoom Session to give you a glimpse of what the LYIL retreat is all about.  Join us for one of the following Zoom gatherings. We have 3 you can choose from. If morning works for you, grab your favorite mug and fill it with aromatic coffee or sweet spicy tea and sign-up for our A.M. session.  If however a relaxing end of day session works best for you, then grab that glass of wine or cool glass of ice tea and join the P.M. session.

Zoom Sessions 

  • Before the Daily Rush Begins - Tuesday, July 18th • 7:30 AM
  • Wine down With Us - Tuesday, August 1st • 7:00 PM
  • Wine down With Us - Tuesday, August 15th • 7:00 PM
  • Wine down With Us - Tuesday, September 5th • 7:00 PM

The 1-hour Zoom Sessions are FREE and includes a special gift for each participant.  To register please fill out the form below.  The LYIL team will be in touch to confirm your registration and supply the details for logging into the zoom session. We look forward to zooming with you. 

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