The Living Your Inspired Life (LYIL) RETREATS

Living Your Inspired Life is launching Empowering Women Retreats!

Our goal at LYIL is to empower women from the inside out, supporting and giving them tools to draw upon when facing both challenges and joys.

We have created 4 retreats, each building upon the other. Between each retreat we will have monthly Zoom Sessions to keep us all connected to our inner exploration and to the women who are navigating this path with us.
The retreats are as follows:

  • The LYIL Brilliance Retreat - Supports you in finding your inner brilliance and shining it wherever you are.
  • The LYIL Blooming Wisdom Retreat -  Allows you to open to your inner wisdom and bloom right where you are.
  • The LYIL Radiance Retreat - Joins the insights and information you have gleaned from the Brilliance and Blooming Wisdom retreats so that your beauty, gifts and energy can radiate from within, out into all that you do.
  • The LYIL Thrive Retreat - Supports you in doing just that - Thriving in your ever growing Brilliance.


The Pink Moment on the Topa Topa Mountains, Ojai, California

The Pink Moment on the Topa Topa Mountains, Ojai, California

Ojai, California

Ojai is the location for our Brilliance Retreat. The City of Ojai is nestled in a beautiful valley surrounded by mountains in the County of Ventura, 25 miles north of Ventura and about 45 miles east of Santa Barbara. Ojai is a small town with boutique hotels, small shops and galleries, and local organic grocers including a farmers market every Sunday. Outdoor activities abound with many local hiking trails, biking routes and parks.

Many like to refer to Ojai as Shangri-La referencing its spiritual culture and natural beauty.

I love Susan’s perspective on life. It’s really uplifted my own life, that way of positive thinking, of simply being able to shift my perspective by one degree and see things in a new paradigm. The joy and integrity she brings to her workshops is inspiring.
— Joyce, workshop participant

Retreats for 2018!

Feeling ready to make the move and gift yourself 3 Days of exploration and joy to find your brilliance?

Stay tuned as we will be announcing our 2018 dates in December.

Local Accommodations

Coming from out of town? Both Ojai and Ventura, offer accommodations to fit almost any budget. Ventura is located about 22 miles south of Ojai and may offer more options. Below is a list of some accommodations in both Ojai and Ventura.

The following hotels vary in price points, please call ahead to get the best rate.  

The Lavender Inn - (805) 646-6635
The Ojai Retreat - (805) 646-2536
The Emerald Iguana - (805) 646-5277

The Crowne Plaza - (805) 648-2100
Wyndham Garden Pierpont Inn
(805) 643-0245
Country Inn & Suites - (805) 653-1434
El Patio Hotel - (805) 643-9703


AMARA Healing Center of Ojai

The Amara Center of Ojai is the location of this year's Living Your Inspired Life Brilliance Retreat.

Located minutes from downtown Ojai and the eclectic town of Meiners Oaks, it's the perfect spot for a retreat center.

The Mission of the Amara of Ojai is to facilitate sustainable wellness. Their goal is to nurture relationships with their patients to discover the root cause of disease. The Amara of Ojai offers treatments, including acupuncture, naturopathic medicine and chinese herbology.


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