What Does Living An Inspired Life Look Like? by Olga Singer

First Answer: I have no idea!

Second Answer: It looks different for each person.

Third Answer: Perhaps it's a bit like being in true bliss.

Being inspired, or getting inspired can come easily, however staying inspired is not always so easy. 

And moreover how do you get inspired when you feel crappy? OR when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed? That's the real question.

It's easy to smile, spread good cheer and feel inspired when everything in your sphere is going exactly as planned. The real trick is figuring out how to LIVE that Inspired Life you so cherish when chaos seems to follow you everywhere.

And quite honestly I don't have an answer for you.  All I can do is share the tools that work for me.

And understand they don't always work. There are times I have to find new or different ways to approach the challenges I face in order to get past the unsettling emotions of feeling just plain blah! And sometimes the answer can be simple. As simple as choosing to just BE and sit in the "yuck" for just a moment or for 24 hours if that's what it takes to accept and then release.

As I connect with my inspired life, I have come to the realization that I really can do anything - any of us can do anything - it just takes a bit of courage.

And courage is easy when you know the outcome and you know you are safe - but then again that's not really courage is it? Courage for me is taking the steps to do what I want to do to live my inspired life, even if it doesn't turn out quite right.

Because I truly believe there are no mistakes!

We may call something a mistake, but on closer examination we may see a silver lining and realize it wasn't a mistake after all but rather a hidden gem of an opportunity that may not have occurred had we not made that "mistake."

I discovered I could survive a move to a place I knew no one and thrive!

It took a lot of patience, a lot of journaling and a lot of meditating to get there (tools I have embraced to help me live an inspired life). It also took a lot of letting go of outcomes, expecting the unexpected and saying yes when I felt like saying no.

And so now after spending countless hours and many months of planning Susan and I have made the very difficult decision to postpone our Living Your Inspired Life Empowering Retreats. We are disappointed, as this was not the outcome we had anticipated. And yet here we are, still determined to live that inspired life and to keep moving forward.

WE are not Giving Up!

If we are truly meant to bring these retreats to women and teach, and also learn, how to Live an Inspired Life then we must take it all in, not just the pieces we like, but every last crumb of truth and inspiration we've learned through this process.

Just like the glittering stars in the night sky, we will continue to shine our truths out to the world, Live our Inspired Life and work to bring women together who are ready to take their journey to discover their inspired life.

We will continue to blog, share our messages and plan for the next chapter - just  not sure yet what that will look like ... just know there is more to come ...