Wonder - By Olga Singer

Wonder - The wonder of a child as she discovers the butterfly that has transformed itself from a worm to something beautiful and colorful that can fly.

I think as we reach adulthood we lose this, and forget to wonder at all the beauty around us and within us. When my oldest son, Joshua returned from his 2-month trip from Asia he was a changed young man. He saw a lot of beauty, both in the harshness of life and in the wonderment of his surroundings.  It caused him to pause and re-think his decision to attend law school. Sometimes it takes new surroundings for us to see clearly what our next steps in life should be.

I think when he returned from that life altering journey, he was in search of true happiness and that "thing" he was meant to do in this world. So he decided to take a year to discover more of what he wants and what he is meant to do. He is lucky, and many would say very blessed, to have the support of his family and the means to explore his world and the world at large. However, I would argue that you do not need a large bank account to begin a journey of wonder and discovery, you just need the curiosity and the courage to do it.

I too am at a precipice of wonder and discovery. I feel I have been in this place since moving to San Diego County 3 years ago. It was not an easy transition, nor a welcomed one, but one that had to made nonetheless. I turned a corner about 6 months into my move here and discovered the soothing release of journaling. It has helped me tremendously in re-discovering wonder, beauty and the magic that surrounds me. And yes sometimes it's not the traditional beauty and bliss of the good, but also the magic and wonder of the not so good.

Embarking on my inspired life and partnering with my close friend, Susan to create Living Your Inspired Life retreats was an easy decision. The hard part has been to continue to believe in the unknown, the uncertainty of what lies ahead and embrace the wonder and beauty of what we are creating.

This is so much bigger than Susan and me. It feels magical and meant to be on so many levels.

And so I have circled back to the simple. To taking the word Wonder in all its various meanings to heart and remembering to spend time wondering at the beauty and magic around me, and standing still, accepting what is.