At a Crossroads, by Olga Singer

It’s been almost three years since I moved to San Diego County and I now find myself at a crossroads once again.  There may be another impending move in our life as my husband searches for work, possibly in another city outside of California … and I am embarking on an exciting venture with my close friend and mentor, Susan Burrell.

We are calling this partnership, Living Your Inspired Life Empowering Retreats.  And our goal is to share our story and invite women to share theirs as we journey together in living our inspired life.  Susan and I know we don’t have all the answers. However, we know we have shared experiences and tools we can share with like-minded women. Women who want to make an impact and/or a shift in their lives to learn what it means to live an inspired life. If we, as women in this nation, are to rise-above all the violence, anger and un-easiness surrounding every corner of our world we must start with ourselves first.

I strongly believe that the nurturing, emotional strength of women, both collectively and as a single moving entity will be the savior of this earth we call home.  I am not here to espouse this philosophy as the only way, but rather to shout out the famous lyrics from the Helen Reddy song of 1971, “I am Woman, Hear me Roar.”

It is time for us women to find our voice once again, learn to live our inspired life, bring our brilliance to those in our close sphere of family and friends and thereby to the world at large.  By connecting with ourselves first, our immediate family and friends second and then to the greater world outside ourselves is how we women will begin to Live our Inspired Life and thereby start the domino affect of touching others and encouraging them to do the same.

It begins with the power of your words, the courage to step into your light and the intention to speak your truth.