Journey To Self-Love -- By Susan Burrell

My journey through this life has been one of self-exploration and consequently, growth.  That may be true for everyone.   

The more I have learned about myself, the more I have had to let go of in order to become happier and kinder towards myself.  I suppose the self-investigation began because I thought I was imperfect or not enough.  But eventually it became about learning how to love myself first - not after, I loved my husband, or child, or dog.  But I had to put me First. 

It’s very hard for women to put themselves first.  

I never really saw my own brilliance and accepted it until I was shattered during divorce.  With all the pieces of my life scattered on the floor like a broken kaleidoscope, I began the deeper inner journey of self-compassion and forgiveness.  I truly wanted to find my inner happiness and freedom without it being attached to an outside someone or thing.  Now, I share what I have learned on that tragic and profound journey with women who need a guide to help them over the harrowing path of self-acceptance.   This is what LYIL Empowerment Retreats for Women is about. Finding your inner Brilliance and Letting it Shine.