Susan Burrell

Susan Burrell

Olga Singer

Olga Singer

I have been truly blessed to facilitate and guide others, especially women with inner transformation that often opens up perspective and possibilities.

My vision continues to be about connection with the Self, that makes connection with others more cohesive so our brilliance and light can come forth into everyday life and make a difference in the world.

For the last 25 years I have been bringing together small groups of women to guide them in moving the garbage of false beliefs out of their minds. Through my assistance and with the support of other women they can make positive, loving choices that empower them to shine their brilliance out into not only their family and community but out into the world. Lately I have had the honor of engaging with women who are facing a crossroads in their lives. Whether it is death, leaving a long-term relationship, changing jobs, considering new career opportunities or empty nest, the question of Who Am I Now? and Where Am I Going? Always looms large and can keep us stuck. I have been able to support women in uncovering their own inner wisdom and answers.

I look forward to connecting with you and helping you to shine.

With joy, Susan

PS -- To get a sense of how I work, I invite you to take a listen to my radio show.
"Who Am I Now, and Where Am I Going?"

Joy for me comes from being surrounded by people, especially women. I take great pleasure in helping women see their special gifts. When I was first introduced to Susan and her transformative classes I had no idea the simple practice of meditation and journaling would make such a difference in my life.

For the last 15 plus years I have been keeping close company with my computer and working in my "day" job as a graphic designer.  My sister and I own a graphic design company and help small to medium-size companies promote their business through print work and websites. I've also had the opportunity to work with non-profits both on their boards and with marketing.

However most recently I have felt a pull to do something more, hence my partnership with my long-time friend and confident, Susan in presenting empowering retreats for women.  With Susan's help I have come to realize my special gifts of drawing women together, working in community and sharing how simple meditative and mindfulness practices can make a difference. 

And so here I stand ready to take the plunge and shine brightly alongside you --

Warmly, Olga

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